New Rotary Encoder Model Features High Detent Force with Smooth Tactile Feedback

We recently announced the introduction of Bourns® Model PEC11H as an extension to our rotary encoder product line. Engineered with an innovative ball/spring design, Model PEC11H provides a strong, positive detent feel. This high force detent feature satisfies increasing end-user demands for more noticeable and smooth tactile control feedback for temperature control, speed control, position sensing, menu selection, and volume control.

For extended rotational and switch longevity, Bourns’ new rotary encoder also features quadrature output with a 100,000 rotational cycle rating and a –25 °C to +70 °C operating temperature range. Delivering design flexibility, the Model PEC11H is offered in various resolutions and knurled and flatted shaft lengths as well as with a momentary push switch option. The features offered make our latest rotary encoder an excellent and rugged menu-select encoder solution for a wide variety of applications including Professional Audio and Lighting, low-to-medium risk medical*, test, measurement and lab equipment, industrial automation controls and consumer white goods.

The Model PEC11H encoder is RoHS** compliant, has an IP 40 dust seal rating, and is available now.  Please go to the product page for more information.

In general, encoders are the digital version of potentiometers and panel controls, and work by simulating an on/off switching digital output. When applied as human-to-machine interface (HMI) devices, encoders are typically used to sense human adjustment of the device triggering some action by the digital circuit. Encoders can also be used as machine-to-machine interface (MMI) devices where they are typically coupled to a motor or other mechanical device to sense speed and direction of rotation.

Encoders fall into two basic technology classifications:  contacting (mechanical) and non-contacting (optical and magnetic). Your application will dictate the type of technology best suited for your design.

Bourns is recognized worldwide for supplying proven standard and custom component solutions.  In support of our customers’ specific application requirements, we plan to continue to expand our offering of rotary encoders with new models.

To find out more about our complete line of reliable rotary encoder products, please see our new brochure.

* Bourns® products have not been designed for and are not intended for use in “lifesaving,” “life-critical” or “life-sustaining” applications nor any other applications where failure or malfunction of the Bourns® product may result in personal injury or death.  See Legal Disclaimer Notice.

** RoHS Directive 2015/863, Mar 31, 2015 and Annex.

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