Bourns Common Mode Chip Inductor CANBus

AEC-Q200 Compliant CANbus Inductors Deliver Effective Noise Suppression

Offering designers an optimal noise suppression solution, we recently announced a new CANbus Common Mode Chip Inductor series. These new AEC-Q200 compliant Model SRF4530A series inductors are designed for a broad range of high-temperature electronics applications.  The inductor series’ ferrite core with a bifilar-wound construction is key to providing effective noise suppression. This design approach provides high impedance over a broad frequency range to suppress incoming or outgoing EMI signals.

The CANbus interface was originally developed for automotive data communications that frequently operate in harsh and noisy environments. Its use has broadened to other applications, where the interconnected nodes can be subject to high energy transients such as inductive load switching or relay noise. If electromagnetic interference is produced from one of the nodes or an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) within the application, a CANbus inductor can be used as a filter to limit high-frequency noise on the communication bus

Bourns® Model SRF4530A

Bourns® Model SRF4530A inductor series features a wide operating temperature range from –55 to +150 °C, an inductance range of 11 – 100 µH and an impedance range of 600 – 7500 Ω. And, the compact form factor of our latest CANbus series inductors helps designers meet PCB space limitations. There’s a lot of value in this inductor series – excellent noise suppression, AEC-Q200 compliancy and high temperature operation that all support the high reliability requirements demanded by many CANbus-based applications. 

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