Power and Signal Line Magnetics: What’s the Right Part for My Design?

We’ve been there before, uncertain as to what makes one part work better than another, and whether the technology solution we are considering has the features needed for the task at hand. Sure, when you are working on your next power or signal line design you can choose a magnetic component that you’re familiar with or that has worked in other designs. But designs are becoming more complex and many require higher power support. One of the benefits of working with a supplier like Bourns is that we want you to understand what goes into the design of the component itself, and why it will help you better meet your application requirements in multiple ways. One such advantage of this approach is that this knowledge can help reduce the system cost simultaneously.

Bourns was founded on a commitment to continually improve available technology, and we remain dedicated to that mission. Our transformer and power solutions are designed and manufactured for quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. The recently-released e-book in partnership with Arrow Electronics, Bourns Magnetics Solutions for Power and Signal Lines, highlights the technology behind our solutions. As a helpful resource, the e-book is a collection of articles that illustrate the difference that magnetic component design and selection of the right part can make in a number of applications. 

Articles include:

  • New amorphous cores for high-frequency power applications
  • Push-pull transformers for power isolation in 12 V applications
  • Power inductor selection for DC/DC converters
  • Reinforced transformer selection for high-voltage energy storage applications
  • Planar flyback transformers for increased high voltage AC/DC converter efficiency
  • Isolated communications in high-voltage energy storage using BMS transformers
  • Advanced network transformers

You are invited to review how our technology addresses many of the challenges that designers face with magnetics and transformers in power and signal line applications. You will learn about important features, specifications and manufacturing considerations, such as core losses, component size, EMI, isolation and insulation, high power, efficiency and production lead times. Providing the detail engineers need to select components, the e-book introduces each application and outlines the specifics to achieving elevated performance. It also summarizes the most significant aspects to judge when selecting a component including terminology, calculations, measurements, test results and design examples. In addition, images are provided that illustrate the differences in various types of components. Plus, you will find useful recommendations, resources and product information that have been compiled to simplify the designer’s job.

Armed with knowledge about the technology, components can be chosen with confidence for the performance, reliability and to best meet your latest power and signal line application requirements:  Bourns Magnetics Solutions for Power and Signal Lines

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