The Power of Mentoring

The Big Brothers Big Sisters organization believes all youth have potential and that mentors provide the power to ignite and unlock that potential.

That is why Bourns has supported the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County & the Inland Empire with their Workplace Mentorship Program for several years.  This year, seven Bourns employees have volunteered to be mentors to high school students in the area. The program matches a high school student with an employee for the academic year where each student has a 90-minute mentoring session once a month.  Due to COVID, student-employee meetings are fully virtual now. Not only do the mentoring sessions discuss academics and future careers, the program also includes counseling on valuable life skills such as money management, personal care, mental health and food expenses and preparation.

How much further can a person go with the right mentoring? The impact of mentoring is very positive where 78% of the youth participating in the Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring program indicated they would be more likely to attend college after being in the program. Other statistics on the program highlight the influence mentoring has had on students: 99% graduate on time, 74% are the first generation to receive high school diplomas and 100% are drug-free.

Spotlighting the generous time Bourns employees donate to students, January is National Mentoring Month, which honors organizations and individuals who are making a difference in the lives of young people.  Here is what Bourns employees have to say about their experience and the power their mentoring relationship provided:

“I appreciate what I have learned about mentoring in Big Brothers Big Sisters, which I can use to be a better manager and leader.  I also use this experience to improve my mentoring of other students, to encourage them to pursue STEM careers.” – Gordon B.

“It’s been a pleasure getting to know each of the students, their backgrounds, their dreams and encouraged by their eagerness to be successful in life.  I continue to learn from them and I just hope I can offer some guidance and insight into what they may like to become professionally.” – David M.

“It’s been a pleasure participating in the growth of a young person.” – Michelle M.

“Working with the Big Brothers Big Sister program has truly been an exuberant experience. I have enjoyed getting to know my little while she embarks on her journey through school. I appreciate this program for helping Littles and Bigs find a purposeful path. I  know my little will be a prosperous and vibrant individual as she grows due to these opportunities.” – Eboni W.

“It’s great to see our young people focused and excited about their futures. Their enthusiasm motivates me to do all I can to help them reach their goals.”  – Khevin C. 

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