Helping Designers Source Precision Environmental Sensors

We’ve created a new brochure to help our customers source the right precision environmental sensor for their designs. The brochure outlines features offered in the pressure and humidity sensor models in the Bourns® Precision Sensor (BPS) product line. Our sensors are designed for demanding applications that require accuracy and highly stable output in certain harsh environmental conditions.

In our expanding pressure sensors product line, we offer several families of ultra-low pressure sensors, two model series for general use and three harsh media compatibility model series. Bourns also has a relative humidity sensor in a small 2.0 x 2.0 x 0.75 mm package with I²C output for demanding applications. 

For instance, designers will appreciate the sensitivity and stability across a wide range of temperatures (-40 °C to +85 °C) as well as pressure sensing down to 250 pascals featured in our BPS110, BPS120, BPS125 and BPS310 series. And, both digital and analog outputs are available on the compensated, calibrated BPS110, BPS120, and BPS125 series. For those applications that require an ultra-fast response and high resolution pressure sensor with a millivolt output, we offer the BPS310 series, which is uncompensated.

Harsh media compatibility is also a growing consideration for many next-generation designs. Influencing the selection of a pressure sensor are elevated operating temperatures along with the presence of cleaning solvents, oil and other chemicals that can threaten application performance, reliability and longevity. We designed our BPS130, BPS140 and BPS340 series for compatibility with certain liquid media. These series are constructed with a unique sensor die that protects the sensing element from certain harsh media. Bourns also provides customization to fit specific application requirements. Custom pressure ranges and accuracy are just a few of the modifications we can deliver for our customers.  For industrial, low to medium risk medical*, and consumer market applications, finding the right environmental sensor is easy – you just need to know where to look.

*** Bourns® products have not been designed for and are not intended for use in “lifesaving,” “life-critical” or “life-sustaining” applications nor any other applications where failure or malfunction of the Bourns® product may result in personal injury or death.  See Legal Disclaimer Notice.

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