Space-saving Transformer Design Allows Application Flexibility

In connected communication applications, network transformers are used primarily for isolation and signal conditioning. The high reliability mandated in communication systems can be threatened by coupling signals from devices that work with different power specifications. If there is a fault operation in one device, it can potentially spread to other connected devices compromising the overall performance and reliability of the network. Offering an updated solution, Bourns has engineered a new Chip LAN transformer module to help Ethernet and LAN-based application developers save valuable board space and increase design flexibility while meeting dynamic data line requirements.

What makes our new Model SM41126EL Chip LAN 10/100 Base-T Transformer Module an optimal signal conditioning and isolation choice is that it integrates two Model SM453229-381N7Y Chip LAN transformers and two Model SRF2012A-801Y common mode chip inductors assembled on a PCB with a ferrous metal shield. This innovative design gives developers additional flexibility to use just the transformers or the common mode chokes individually and permits added PCB placement freedom. It also offers designers a simplified assembly solution that is compliant with their SMT process, enabling enhanced product quality and improved reliability. Plus, this new model is pin-to-pin compatible with a traditional potted case LAN transformer while providing superior coplanarity.

We manufacture the Model SM41126EL transformer module using a fully-automated, high capacity process, which helps provide a consistent, highly reliable and cost-effective solution. That’s because our automated manufacturing process has largely eliminated the drawbacks associated with traditional network transformers such as reduced stability and typically requiring extensive manpower to produce.

The automated coil winding process is especially important as it helps ensure tight tolerances essential to electrical stability. This stability results in improved performance across a broad range of frequencies compared to typical manual winding processes. The transformer module also features a low profile, small form factor and expanded temperature range of -40 to +85 °C. These features along with being fully compliant with IEEE 802.3 make the Model SM41126EL ideal for a broad range of LAN telecommunication and network devices.

The Model SM41126EL Chip LAN 10/100 Base-T Transformer Module is available now. We also offer design tools to help you streamline development.

If you are designing an Ethernet-based IT application, we invite you to review the quality, consistency, reliability, space-saving and flexibility benefits delivered from our SM41126EL Chip LAN transformer. For more detailed product information visit the Transformers – Signal section of our website.

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