Inductors Designed for High Current Density Applications

Today’s electronic devices have become increasingly power hungry, are operating at higher switching frequencies and are continually shrinking in size. As a fundamental element in the voltage regulator topology, inductors are part of DC/DC converters and are required in virtually every circuit that regulates power in electronics. This growing number of small form factor applications has high current and low radiation requirements. Designers typically determine the optimum inductor for an application based on radiation, current rating, core material, core loss, temperature and saturation current.

To meet these needs, Bourns just added nine new series to its high current shielded SRP power inductor line. The new inductor families offer a type of construction that delivers magnetic shielding, high current capability, compact size, low buzz noise and excellent temperature stability. If the radiation environment is a key requirement in a design, then a shielded inductor with its low radiation is likely to be well-suited for the application.

Specifically, the Bourns® Model SRP1040VA and SRP6030VA AEC-Q200 compliant inductors are ideal solutions for many high temperature environments and high reliability designs that include LED lighting, DC/DC converters and power supplies. Using Bourns’ innovative metal alloy powder formulation along with round enamel-coated copper wire in the inductors allows an elevated operating temperature of 180 °C.

Helping DC/DC converters to achieve higher power efficiencies is a focus of the new Model SRP4018FA series, which is also AEC-Q200 compliant. Bourns has constructed this model series using a flat enamel-coated copper wire in a self-lead terminal construction that provides exceedingly low DC resistance. This is important as lower DC resistance means that the inductor dissipates less power during operation especially at higher current and switching frequencies.

In addition, new Models SRP1245C, SRP1265C, SRP3012C, SRP3020C, SRP5020C and SRP5030C also offer high inductance selection based on their round enamel-coated copper wire construction. These models are commercial grade giving OEMs a cost-effective solution for high volume consumer electronics applications where a rugged AEC-Q200 compliant inductor may not be required.

All nine new Bourns® inductor model series are available now.

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