Make Way for Two New Power Inductors in DC Power Line Applications

At Bourns, we are committed to providing the advanced technologies and product solutions for the markets we serve. For example, next-generation DC power line applications are moving from 12 V to 24 V and 48 V. By releasing two new power inductor series, we have additional flexible options for designers in DC power line applications and beyond. Our new SRF7035A Common Mode Choke Series and Model SRN2012T Semi-Shielded Power Inductor Series are RoHS compliant and halogen free, and they offer distinct benefits in high temperature environments. It all begins with the construction and design of these components.

First is our AEC-Q200 compliant SRF7035A Common Mode Choke Series, which comes in a rugged surface mount package as a drop-in replacement for similarly-rated solutions. The compact, low-profile design offers five impedance ratings to support high voltage up to 80 VDC and high current up to 5 A. It uses a special rectangular-shaped ferrite ring core for reduced noise, H-class enameled wire for high temperature capability, shielded construction for low radiation, and clamping U-shaped terminals to help withstand mechanical stresses. It gives you high common mode impedance over a broad frequency range and increased differential mode impedance above 100 MHz, thanks to a segment-wound winding configuration. This series expands the use of common mode filters in DC power line applications.

Next is our Model SRN2012T Semi-shielded Power Inductor Series. A magnetic-epoxy coating on the winding perimeter provides enhanced shielding and reduces magnetic field radiation. This series features a superior self-resonant frequency, low DC resistance, and high Q values of 13 to 15 in a miniature-sized package. With these high Q values, you have high impedance at resonance in inductive-capacitive circuits and low loss at high frequency operation. You also get low distributed capacitance and consistent inductive characteristics over a wide frequency span because of the high self-resonant frequency. This series has saturation current up to 1100 mA and rated current up to 1300 mA, maintaining high inductance at a greater peak current to meet requirements of common DC power line applications.

Our growing line of power inductors offers new options in DC power line applications. To learn more, please visit the shielded inductor and common mode choke pages of our website.

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