Speed and Reliability in Next-Generation GDT Technology

Gas Discharge Tubes (GDTs) have been around for more than a century due to their surge protection performance and dependability. What if you could combine the historical robustness, reliability, and long life of GDTs with faster reaction and turn-on speeds and higher surge and multi-level protection requirements? Find out how Bourns has made this a reality in our recent white paper entitled Advancing GDT Technology to Meet Higher Surge and Multi-level Protection Requirements. It explains what went into the design of the Bourns¨ Next-Generation GDT25 series in terms of features to make it a reliable and effective protection solution for smaller, more integrated equipment with greater transient sensitivity. 

We developed the Bourns® GDT25 series from the ground up with new electrode shapes, internal geometries, and emissive coating system features. The result is faster turn-on speeds, higher impulse current ratings and off-state insulation resistance, and minimal capacitance. These features make our 7th generation GDTs ideal stand-alone protectors or as the primary-stage in a multi-stage protection design.

The gas tube design and new coating technologies unlock superior impulse voltage limiting performance that offers multiple benefits. Faster turn-on times at lower impulse and lower DC sparkover voltages than previously achieved minimize stress to downstream components by limiting exposure to high voltage and current. When used as a primary protector, the lower impulse and sparkover voltage levels allow for smaller, lower voltage components downstream, which can reduce BOM cost. 

- GDT Voltage Breakdown
GDT Voltage Breakdown

Our new GDT25 has lower capacitance than previous Bourns¨ GDT models, which improves protection and can decrease loss in high-speed I/O interfaces. Additional benefits include enhanced AC power cross capabilities and improved voltage stability in varying environmental conditions. Lower arc voltages can extend GDT life and reduce energy dissipation. A wide operating temperature range allows for use in certain harsh environments.

Next-Generation Turns-On Faster and Helps to Prevent Downstream Circuitry from Exposure to Harmful Surges

Bourns is a proven leader in this field with 1 billion plus deployed GDT components that often have provided a 20 to 30-year lifespan depending on user application, field conditions and surge history. And, our surge protection innovation has been demonstrated again and again with breakthrough designs that include our GDT with FLAT¨ technology, GMOV¨ hybrid protection component, and now the GDT25 series.

You are invited to read the full white paper to learn more about how Bourns is taking GDT technology to a new level of surge protection performance. Explore how the robust design of the new GDT25 series can meet your application requirements and provide long-term stability and reliability in a wide range of environments.

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