Keeping Designers in the Driver’s Seat with Bourns® Automotive Grade Components

Car features like in-vehicle infotainment, park assist, engine stop-start and navigation control continue to amaze us with their increasingly sophisticated and improved capabilities.  Keeping competitive with new innovations, auto system designers know that consumers have high expectations that these features will function reliably every time. A critical aspect to ensure feature capabilities meet dependability demands involves protecting automotive system interfaces and making them as efficient as possible.

Bourns has substantial automotive component-level experience, and has a long history of supplying proven component solutions. Leveraging our extensive experience in designing and manufacturing superior quality AEC-Q compliant, automotive grade components, Bourns supports the automotive market with advanced sensor products. Our customized vehicle sensors have been used for years by leading automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers and their third-party partners worldwide.

We also continue to expand our automotive grade lines of resistors and magnetics to condition and filter electronic circuits.  In addition to our conditioning products, Bourns has a broad portfolio of circuit protection products that have been reviewed for use in many typical automotive applications. Plus, our automotive grade inductive and circuit protection components have been designed to meet the board level requirements of many automotive applications.

Want more reasons why you should trust Bourns® components? We offer a broad range of automotive grade products that are approved for typical automotive applications and are manufactured in facilities that are fully certified to IATF 16949 and have a VDA 6.3 process audit score greater than 80 percent. These products have been tested and qualified using the AIAG latest revision of the APQP process validation standard for passive components. And, we present our qualified products to our customers for selection and approval using the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP). Bourns also offers customers access to our application test lab, which is available to perform surge tests and customer-specific testing.

What’s more, our automotive grade products are backed by a culture of quality that extends to every area of the company. This includes our knowledgeable customer service teams and field application engineers that go the extra mile for customers – helping them select the right components, providing layout support or helping to make necessary modifications.

Helping you find the right qualified product for your next automotive design is easy – just look in our Bourns Automotive Grade Component Guide.

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