Trimmers: Using Analog Technology to Tweak Digital Designs

It isn’t necessarily intuitive that analog technology can be used to tweak digital electronic designs. But that is how trimming potentiometers, or trimmers, have been employed as useful resources for more than 70 years. To help fine-tune designs, trimmers, such as the Bourns® Trimpot® potentiometer line, perform a variety of circuit adjustments managing the tuning and calibration of the circuitry.  Understanding the value trimmers bring to the design process, Bourns continues to advance our Trimpot® products and today offers the widest array of through-hole and surface mount, sealed trimming potentiometers. We further expanded the product line with new trimmers acquired from Murata’s trimming potentiometer product line.

Customers have come to rely on Bourns’ core competencies in ceramics, thick-film printing, welding and brazing that maximize the reliability of our products. Our Trimpot® products are also assembled in factories utilizing lean principles and state-of-the-art assembly equipment, ensuring our customers of the highest quality products. In fact, Bourns is the only supplier that manufactures high-reliability (RJR, MIL-PRF-39035) military trimmers, and has the broadest offering of QPL Approved (RJ, MIL-PRF-22097) military trimmers.  Plus, Bourns is the only supplier to offer mil-drawing qualified surface mount sealed trimmers with limited military testing.

Additional product options and customization are also available from Bourns allowing customers to select the exact features required for their applications. So, customers can opt for Trimpot® products with extended and shortened terminals, shaft extensions, long-life resistance elements, tighter total resistance tolerances, audio tapers or as hardware-mounted.

Designers of applications for communications and those that perform signal, imaging and audio processing that digitize data and information from a variety of sources can benefit from the high level of precision adjustments that Trimpot® products enable. To find the right Trimpot® product for your next design, Bourns has two new short form brochures that let you choose based on resistance range, adjustability, temperature coefficient, temperature range, power rating and tolerance.  Accurate tweaking of digital designs is easier than you thought.  Find out more:  Bourns® Sealed Through-Hole Cermet Trimming Potentiometers Brochure and Bourns® Trimpot® Sealed SMD Cermet Trimming Potentiometers Brochure

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