Space-constrained Designs Get a Little Bit of Help from Compact Chip Resistors


The trend for making all types of devices and applications smaller with more integrated functionality continues. To help meet the needs of these space-constrained designs, Bourns is a leader in developing component miniaturization advancements. One way we are supporting PCB high component density that requires ever more compact devices is with a new generation of smaller form factor thick film chip resistors. High power, pulse-resistant chip resistors are an optimal solution that allow designers to replace axial through-hole and Metal Electrode Leadless Face (MELF) resistors with compact chip resistors, which have similar electrical characteristics but can be easily assembled.

We’ve engineered new resistive film technology combined with improved trimming techniques that make it possible for Bourns to offer chip resistors with continuous power ratings and pulse resistances that match those of cylindrical resistors. Our latest thick film chip resistor designs use a thick film element, screen printed onto a high-grade ceramic substrate, which offers superior heat dissipation. The resistive element is coated by an epoxy overcoat layer isolating the resistive element electrically to protect it against mechanical damages and environmental effects such as humidity and gases.Thick_Film_Chip_Resistor_cutaway

Bourns designed the termination of its resistors with an electroplated nickel barrier that provides additional protection. The nickel barrier prevents diffusion of the inner electrode material through the tin external layer. This tin external layer also supports excellent solderability – a definite advantage for manufacturers.

Bourns understands that packaging dimensions are important and the ideal chip resistor packaging should conform to the EIA RS-481A standard. For ease and cost-efficient manufacturing, we offer our chip resistor packaging on paper or plastic tape placed on 7-inch plastic reels, which makes the product suitable for automatic SMD pick and place processes.

Double and triple power new high-power thick film chip resistors such as the Bourns® Model CRM and CRS Series give designers power options to suit their application requirements. And, Bourns® Model CHP Series provides industry-leading rated power up to 3 watts at 70°C packaged in a small 2512 form factor offering a very low size to power ratio. This feature lets designers use smaller size resistors to achieve the same rated power while also helping to meet PCB space limitations.

Bourns application note n1922_splashprovides greater detail on the PCB mounting density benefits of higher rated power resistors in smaller component package form factors. Learn how you can reduce assembly costs and increase yields with the advanced design of Bourns® high power thick film resistor flat chip packaging.

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